Candice and Dan – Lake Arrowhead, CA

My husband and I have known Candice for a verrrrry long time.  This girl has always been an adventurer.  Whether it was working the slopes at Mammoth Mountain or backpacking in South America. where she actually met Dan!  Dan is an Englishman. he”s got all the witty British charm and he loves a good “hard” cider.  So these two together is a definite party!
These two lovebirds were married in beautiful Lake Arrowhead, CA. Good times were had by all and these two are hands down the cutest couple and their love just pours out of these photos!

Might I mention that I was 6 month pregnant during this wedding! Yep!  But I had my awesome husband by my side second shooting.  There is no doubt that a wonderful time was had and I”m SO HAPPY that we were able to be such a big part of Candice and Dan”s special day!!  Cheers to these two!