Candice and Dan – Lake Arrowhead, CA

My husband and I have known Candice for a verrrrry long time.  This girl has always been an adventurer.  Whether it was working the slopes at Mammoth Mountain or backpacking in South America. where she actually met Dan!  Dan is an Englishman. he”s got all the witty British charm and he loves a good “hard” cider.  So these two together is a definite party!
These two lovebirds were married in beautiful Lake Arrowhead, CA. Good times were had by all and these two are hands down the cutest couple and their love just pours out of these photos!

Might I mention that I was 6 month pregnant during this wedding! Yep!  But I had my awesome husband by my side second shooting.  There is no doubt that a wonderful time was had and I”m SO HAPPY that we were able to be such a big part of Candice and Dan”s special day!!  Cheers to these two!




Jen & Casey – Tuscan Villa Estate – Simi Valley, CA

This was a picture perfect evening, especially since it was supposed to rain. BUT, luck was on the bride & grooms side because it didn’t rain a drop… and the sun even came out!!   The location was a hidden gem and had so many pretty little areas for a photographer to take advantage of.
Food was eaten, cupcakes were devoured and champagne glasses were raised for this happy and completely in love couple!
Congratulations Jen & Casey!


I had such a great time photographing this awesome little guy!
Little Julian is such a happy, fun and adorable kid and you can tell he just loves his mommy & daddy so much!
…This is seriously the cutest family ever!

Choosing the right Wedding Photographer

People ask me all the time, ‘How do I choose a good wedding photographer?’ or ‘How do I know if somebody is a good wedding photographer?’. To sum it all up, ask yourself, ‘Do you like the photos on their website?’. If they don’t have a website, they’re quite possibly out of touch with current technology or modern trends. A website is absolutely crucial for a wedding photographer. A good photographer will put her best work out there for the world to see. The work she displays is the best indicator of what you can expect.

Often times, you may know a professional photographer who is willing to shoot your wedding. There are many different types of photographers. A sports photographer might not be the best choice for a wedding photographer. The same goes for a photojournalist, nature photographer or even a fashion photographer. Yes, even a fashion photographer. Although it may seem like seamless transition from fashion photography to wedding photography, the challenges are quite clear.

Case in point, one of my favorite fashion photographers, Mario Testino, was recently chosen to be the engagement photographer for Prince William and Kate Middleton. Had the royal couple been willing to show some skin, Mr. Testino would have been a perfect choice. Compare some of Mario Testino’s past work to the official engagement photo. The resulting image was a bit less than impressive.

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Destination Weddings

If someone would have told me seven years ago that I was going to have a destination wedding, I would have called them crazy.

First off, how do you even BEGIN to plan a destination wedding?

Back in 2003, my (then) fiancee and I were planning our wedding.  We were traveling here and there and everywhere, picking up brochures, calculating costs and trying to imagine us sharing our special day with everyone we knew in a location that just didn”t seem to define us… and for us, that picture just wasn”t happening.

One night as we were researching locations, we stumbled on a website that specialized in destination weddings.  Amazing wedding packages that would cost significantly less than having a wedding here in the states (I always thought you have to be wealthy to get married abroad).  We spotted Italy as a destination and saw an adorable town, Orta San Giulio, listed…we joked about us going there to get married and looked at each other and thought “why not??”

And that”s the question you have to ask yourself:  Destination wedding or Traditional wedding?

Symptoms of “destination wedding” fever:
You love to travel
Adventure is your middle name
You and your fiancee are They want to remind you that you should check their crash chicago driving test results. on the unconventional side
The thought of throwing a bouquet and garter makes you nauseous
You want your wedding day to be YOUR wedding day (it”s the one day that is appropriate and acceptable to be selfish)
Dealing with tons of paperwork and obstacles is what drives and motivates you

Symptoms of “traditional wedding” fever:
A wedding in a different country scares you
You love all the traditions of a wedding
You don”t want to deal with all the paperwork and obstacles
You”ve heard horror stories

No two weddings are alike, you have to decide what defines you as a couple.  If a destination wedding in Italy, Greece or Mexico is what you dream of then ask yourself “why not??”

Resources for destination weddings:

Destination Weddings

Rick Steve”s

Wedding Organizers Italy

Itialian Destination Weddings

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Understanding the Wedding Photographer's Contract

Upon receiving the contract from your wedding photographer, your knee-jerk reaction might be to call your lawyer. In my business, I don”t like to use the word contract. The word itself is too formal and immediately brings to thought a courtroom filled with lawyers and judges. I prefer to keep a short and sweet single page “agreement”. I”ve seen contracts so comprehensive, they span several pages in 8pt type. They can be intimidating, but they do not need to be this thorough. However, these contracts hold information that is valuable to you and the photographer.

Typically, a wedding contract contains the following points:

Your Contact Info
The photographer will need your name, address, phone and e-mail information in order to make all the plans and arrangements for your big day. Maintain a clean channel of contact by providing as much info as possible.

The Photographer”s Contact Info
You will also need contact information for your photographer, in the case of times, dates or locations changing.

Date, time and locations
Be sure to list all times and locations you would like your photographer. A good photographer will ask for details like preparation location for both the bride and groom, as well as where the ceremony and reception take place. This is a great opportunity to tell the photographer about after-party locations… if you want those crazy moments captures.

Payment Terms
During the popular wedding seasons, wedding photographers will usually have every weekend booked, Saturdays and Sundays. They will always ask for a deposit. It may be referred to as a deposit or a retainer, but, either way, it is money that guarantees they will reserve your wedding day for you alone. They will also indicate the payment dates for the remainder of of their fees. Here are two common payment terms your photographer may ask for:

Scenario A – 50% Deposit/retainer, 50% due upon delivery of photos
Scenario B – 33% Deposit/retainer, 33% due on wedding day, remaining 33% due upon Diese genie?en in unserem Casino online Casinospiele mit authentischem VIP-Service, Treuepunkte, Cashbacks und vieles mehr. delivery of photos

What the photographer will deliver, and when
This is where the photographer will describe in detail, what she plans on delivering to you. These will include how many photos they plan to deliver, how they plan to deliver them (CD/DVD, Flash Drive, Printed Photos, Online, etc.) and even describe the Wedding album and number of pages.

Copyright Info
Who owns the copyright of the photos? An old-fashioned business-model gave exclusive rights to the wedding photographer. As times change and business models evolve, so have copyright terms. Today, many photographers will give the ownership of your wedding photos to you. However, the wedding photographers contract will almost always allow the photographer to use the photos in their portfolios, websites and any other form in order to promote their business. When absolute privacy is of concern (in the case of some celebrity weddings) I have amended my agreement to exclude my right to use the photos. This may carry an extra fee depending on the photographer.

Cancellation Policy
The cancellation policy is important for you and the photographer. It provides an opportunity for you to back out of the agreement with minimal impact on your bank account. If for any reason, you need to cancel the wedding or choose a different photographer, she will likely keep the deposit/retainer. This is intended to marginalize their loss, having already reserved that day for you.

If there is something in the wedding photographers contract that you either don”t like or don”t understand, pose your questions before signing the contract. A good wedding photographer is likely make minor adjustments to make you happy. Photographers are good people who are passionate about what they do. They do not want to swindle you and do not want to ruin your big day. A good photographer will aim to please.


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Day 29

The “Nemo” exhibit at Long Beach aquarium

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